Czech poster art

Exhibition of Czech posters from the The Lowry Family Collection, New York dating from ca. 1890 - 1938. The exhibition is from March 24th till June 16th 2013.

"The Lowry Family collection of Czech posters, numbering over a thousand, is the largest in the word outside of the museums of the Czech Republic. It has been assembled over the past 25 years as a mutual passion and a delightful pursuit shared between father and son.

We are a family with Czech heritage who also happen to be in the antiquarian book and auction business. As such, our shared passion for posters provided us with a common interest on a personal, professional and emotional level. The collection for us is more than just a labor of love. In many ways it is an extension of our everyday lives and a large part of our cultural and professional identity.
Most importantly it has served as a unique and irreplaceable bonding experience.

The highlights we have selected for this exhibition are what we consider to be amongst the best posters of their respective times. Consulting the scant few books and exhibition catalogues about Czech posters we also endeavored to present images which have not been reproduced anywhere else."

Nicolas Lowry

Vojtech Hynais (1854-1925)

Exposition Generale du Royaume de Boheme a Prague [French version]. 1891. UPM 1, Kroutvor 1 (var)

Arnost Hofbauer (1869-1944)

Topoc Salon II, [Wave],V. Neubert, Prague.1898

Ludek Marold (1856-1898)

Nas Dum v Asanaci / Divadlo na Vystave, Neubert, Prague. 1898

Kamil Muttich (1873-1924)

Dr. May / Adventerous travels. Neubert, Prague. 1899

Emanuel Stanek (1862-1920)

Ladislav Preininger. M. Tumy, Prague, 1901

Frantisek Kysela (1881-1941)

Student party Slavnost, Unie, Prague. 1904

Frantisek Kysela (1881-1941)

Maitres Impressionistes Francais / Manes XXIII Exposition, Unie, Prague. 1907

Karel Simunek (1869-1942)

Czech matches factory, Neubert, Smichov. 1908

Josef Vachal (1884-1969)

Sursum, 1910


XIII. International car exhibition Prague. 1921

A.V. Hrska (1890-1954)

Play: Clovek and Kleci, V. Neubert, Prague. 1925

J. Jelinek

Light opera: long live the republic. 1927


V. Carnival Bata 1928


Ochotnicky Carnival Plzen, Benisko & Spol., Plzen. 1928

Atelier UR

Airshow Aeroclub RCS and Club Pridruzenych. Neubert, Prague, 1929

Milos Endler (1903-1993)

Masked party Sokola Karlin, 1930


Icehockey World championship, V. Neubert, Prague. 1938